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Asia Business Insights provides you with up-to-the-minute, thought provoking content from business leaders and academic thought leaders. Get to know company founders who have built strong brands. Learn about the latest strategies and methodologies. Find out how to market to Asian consumers and build successful brands in Asian markets.

Asia Business Insights brings you the latest information from a global series of industry and academic events. including the Asia Business Summit, our annual flagship summit.
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Brands, Brands, Brands
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Building a Successful Brand in Asia
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About ACI
ACI helps you to develop customer-focused strategies based on insights about Asian consumers. We create value in the areas of innovation, branding, new-markets development and new media initiatives that will impact your business results.

ACI addresses timely and critical business issues of the Asian region such as:

  • How do you grow your business in Asia?

  • Can you develop a unified strategy given the diversity of Asian markets?

  • Do you understand the similarities and differences among Asian consumers?